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Active Archive

Active Archiving at Your Fingertips

Today’s content creation and distribution timelines are tighter than ever – and the sheer size and volume of assets in your archive is massive and growing. You need reliable, highly-available storage that lets you access the right media at any time, without the headache and hassle.

Servicing Customers On-Demand

It’s no secret that your content workflows and timelines are under pressure. Coupled with storage solutions that impair your ability to access and process high-density video quickly – and that layer in complex management tasks – you can put the health of your entire content value chain at risk.

Unleash Your Biggest Ideas

Facing demanding active archive requirements, you need storage that can deliver the highest data availability and uptime for your archive, while supporting scalable growth. The Panasas ActiveStor solution lets you exceed your archive expectations simply, flexibly, and with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Archive Access Speed

You can only work as fast as you can access content from your archive. Panasas streamlines production and programming workflows by catalyzing rapid, highly available, and reliable archiving processes.

Unmatched Reliability

Rest assured that every piece of media in your archive is safe and secure. Panasas is designed from the ground-up to deliver superior reliability that increases with scale, using a high-performance parallel file system that massively aggregates performance and triple-parity RAID 6+ technology.

Intuitive Archive Management

You shouldn’t have to spend all day managing storage policies and capacity. The Panasas® ActiveStor® solution is designed to be simple and intuitive to manage – allowing administrators with even basic technical skills to get the job done.

On-Demand Scalability

Your archive is always growing. That’s why Panasas helps you scale with add-as-you-go storage, with predictable low-cost that keeps your archive budget healthy.

Video Editing

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