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Computational Sciences

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Solve Multifaceted Problems

To address the complex problems of our world, you need to develop models and simulations to understand natural systems. The Panasas® ActiveStor® solution helps researchers access, manage, simulate, model, and analyze the massive data sets needed to support data-driven science and machine learning applications.

Insight from Mathematical Models

Using simulation, numerical analysis, and theoretical computer science to solve problems requires advanced computing capabilities. You need high-speed, scalable, and reliable technology that can process huge volumes of information using numerical algorithms and computational mathematics.

Affordable Technology for Complex Computing

ActiveStor supports high-performance storage that can expand to handle even the largest data sets. Scientists gain the compute power and reliability needed to support applications such as computational biology, computational chemistry, physics, and engineering.

HPC for Compute-Intensive Workloads

Supports high-performance computing through superior mixed-workload handling

Adaptable to Your Needs

Flexible enough to scale up or out to handle very large data sets

Unparalleled Computational Power

Delivers plug-and-play high performance so researchers can quickly simulate scenarios and solve problems