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End-to-End Simplicity

Speed is only one important part of the high-performance computing (HPC) storage equation. The Panasas® ActiveStor® solution is easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

With Panasas, you can deploy quickly—from dock to data in one hour. Our low-touch solution is so simple to operate, it doesn’t require deep technical skills to manage. And because the system is self-healing, a single IT administrator can support the entire system, no matter the scale.

The ActiveStor plug-and-play HPC storage solution is the only one that integrates hardware and a parallel file system in a turnkey appliance. You can add storage capacity and performance quickly and without disruption.

Set-it and Forget-it Automation

With the ActiveStor solution, you don’t have to worry about downtime or lost data. Once installed, it is a lights-out operation that doesn’t demand perpetual manual adjustments or costly management time.

The Panasas solution has no single point of failure, and reliability improves with scale. That’s because we apply erasure coding to each file and then stripe the files across different nodes. As you add more nodes, files are more widely distributed and the more resilient the system becomes. You only need to fix affected files, not entire disk drives. And because all nodes take part in repair activities, repair time gets even faster with scale.

One-Time Tuning

Unlike other HPC storage solutions, the ActiveStor appliance doesn’t require tuning or retuning as workloads change. By reducing the amount of time spent on managing storage, you can reduce costs and free up resources to tackle important business challenges.

The ActiveStor solution is a self-managing system. Using insights from our 20 years of HPC leadership experience, we’ve preselected settings to optimize the performance for a vast majority of HPC applications. We’ve also pretuned the solution so that it matches and maximizes the appliance hardware. The ActiveStor solution accesses 90 percent of the rated bandwidth of the hardware without any adjustments.