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Superior Price/Performance

Panasas® ActiveStor® Ultra delivers industry leading price/performance and the lowest administration cost in the industry. No matter what your scale, you’ll get more storage performance per dollar with Panasas than from any other HPC vendor.

Our balanced design—which intelligently uses disk, flash, RAM cache, and network speed—optimizes overall performance. You’ll no longer need to overprovision storage components to protect performance, minimizing your total costs. And because our architecture uses industry standard hardware—matched to Panasas PanFS® software—we have unleashed the full potential of the ActiveStor solution at every scale.

Low-Touch Administration

From a 10-minute system setup to one-touch tuning—and intervention-free data reliability—the ActiveStor solution has the lowest administration overhead in the industry. It is simple to operate and doesn’t require deep technical expertise to manage.

The ActiveStor system is also self-healing. A single IT administrator can easily manage the system no matter the scale—at a fraction of the cost of the competition—because all common maintenance workflows are completely automated.

Time and Money Savings

The Panasas ActiveStor solution delivers cost-effective, automated operations. High availability and premium performance prevent missed deadlines, speed time to insight, and deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.

The purpose-built ActiveStor appliance reduces system outages and tuning demands. Panasas has applied more than 20 years of expertise to create preselected settings that optimize performance for a broad range of HPC applications. The ActiveStor solution is also pretuned to match appliance hardware.

As you add nodes to the ActiveStor appliance, files are more widely distributed and the more resilient the system becomes. There’s no need to repair entire disk drives because you only need to fix affected files. And because all nodes take part in repair, it takes less time to fix the system as scale increases.