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Ludicrous Mode:
Converged AI/HPC Storage at GTC 2020

Digital Conference • March 23-26


Important GTC 2020 Update

Due to the coronavirus situation, GTC San Jose will be a digital conference rather than a live event. We will be providing more information soon.

Ludicrous Mode – Extreme Acceleration: A Look at the Future of HPC and AI

Meet Panasas at GTC 2020 to learn about the storage direction for the high-performance data center of the future, where AI and low latency applications converge with traditional HPC workloads. Coined Ludicrous Mode, this NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF) layer is added to the 3-tier data placement inside the Panasas PanFS parallel file system to create the most economical approach for addressing large data sets and a wide variety of high-performance workloads.

One-Plus, Not One-Off
A converged AI/HPC infrastructure is the future of AI. Organizations prefer augmenting their existing HPC environment with AI capabilities (“One-Plus”), not wanting to create a redundant, expensive dedicated AI infrastructure (“One-Off”). The lynchpin is a storage platform that can support these disparate data access patterns, high bandwidth and low latency, and deliver high capacity – from a single system, economically. PanFS delivered on the ActiveStor Ultra appliance is that system.

Low Cost: More $ For GPUs
Avoiding unsophisticated, expensive all-flash approaches, Panasas’ multi-tier intelligent data placement architecture economically matches the right type of storage for each type of AI/HPC data:

  • Small files are stored on low-latency flash SSD
  • Large files are stored on low-cost, high-capacity, high-bandwidth HDD

With the lowest cost of any AI/HPC storage solution, more budget can be allocated to vital GPU infrastructure, and less to storage.

Plug & Play Simplicity

  • Dock-to-AI in one day, with a turnkey appliance that streamlines installation.
  • Set-it-and-forget-it storage management automates maintenance and recovery tasks.
  • Minimal staff needed for administration, further lowering operational costs.


Learn more about GTC 2020
NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is the premier AI and deep learning event, providing you with training, insights, and direct access to experts from NVIDIA and other leading organizations.See the latest breakthroughs in self-driving cars, healthcare, accelerated data science, high performance computing, virtual reality and more.
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