brand guidelines

Welcome to our brand guidelines, a digital tool we’ve created to help make it a little easier for you to maintain our brand.

Here you’ll find the foundational elements that create our Panasas brand identity. Consistency is key in keeping our brand presence strong. Consistent and repetitive usage of these elements will create lasting recognition and a memorable connection with our audience.


Colors play an important role in brand recognition, therefore consistency is crucial. These colors were selected to reflect Panasas’ modern technology.


Panasas Blue and Panasas Medium Grey are our primary brand colors. Panasas Blue is used for the logo and CTAs while Panasas Medium Grey is used as a background fill and headlines/body copy.

Panasas Primary Blue
HEX#00a7e1RGB0,167,225CMYK81,12,1,0PANTONE2995 C
Panasas Blue
HEX#0078a8RGB0,120,168CMYK67,52,44,17PANTONE431 C
Panasas Green
HEX#32b334RGB50,179,52CMYK76,1,100,1PANTONE361 C
Panasas Dark Slate
HEX#243746RGB36,55,70CMYK86,69,50,46PANTONE7546 C
Panasas Medium Gray


The bright yellow, orange, red and purple are secondary colors that should be used sparingly in print and rarely used on the website.

HEX#FFB71BRGB255,183,27CMYK32,0,95,0PANTONE1235 C
HEX#F4633ARGB244,99,58CMYK0,73,85,0PANTONE2026 C
HEX#D2232ARGB210,35,42CMYK15,100,100,0PANTONE1795 C
HEX#512179RGB81,33,121CMYK81,100,0,9PANTONE3555 C


Darker and lighter grays are our gray brand colors. You will see these used in various areas on our website to help with page sections, headlines, and iconography.

HEX#25282aRGB37,40,42CMYK77,66,59,61PANTONE425 C
HEX#434243RGB67,66,67CMYK67,61,58,44PANTONE4287 C
HEX#968f87RGB151,140,135CMYK35,36,32,10PANTONE408 C
HEX#c8c8c8RGB200,200,200CMYK21,16,0,17PANTONE720 C
HEX#f1f2f2RGB241,242,242CMYK0,0,0,5PANTONECool Grey 1C

Download color palette spec sheet PDF.


Gotham’ was selected for its classic yet rounded/friendly letterforms as our print font and should be used in collateral and trade show displays.

‘Roboto’ and ‘Roboto Condensed’ are our digital brand font and should be used as often as possible on the web. We use all weights of this family. ‘Roboto Condensed’ is used for our headlines, while ‘Roboto’ is used for body copy.


Download typography sample and spec sheet PDF.


Download fonts package.


Iconography used in collateral and on the web should be consistent in color and style. All icons should use the Panasas Blue and Panasas Medium Grey as the primary palette. The style should be clean, thin line work with rarely any fills in the shapes.

Graphics and diagrams used on the site should follow a similar style as the icons. Please only use colors from the available palette, and the Roboto font.


Download our icon library.


Download our graphics and diagrams.


Our photography always has a modern and technical feel. When used as banners on web pages be sure to use a dark overlay so text can be legible and accessible.

photography art direction

photo If using photography with people in it, make sure there is enough space for text to not overlap with the image.
icon Textures on stock photos should resemble a technical feel.
icon Like people photography, texture photography on banners should have enough space for text legibility.
icon Product shots should be cleanly isolated and saved as transparent PNGs.