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Visual Effects Studios –Selecting the Right Storage for Modern Media Workflows

RW Hawkins | August 1, 2018

The emergence of new content formats in the media and entertainment sector has created a deluge of data that needs to be managed, accessed and processed in record time to feed the insatiable appetite of today’s entertainment consumer. The data-intensive media rendering and animation jobs in the visual effects (VFX) industry in particular demand powerful processing of complex assets with higher resolution, denser colors and faster frame rates.

But that’s not all. Looking at behavior models in the media and entertainment industry in general, and specifically in the VFX space, media studio operations must accommodate for huge data workload spikes caused by unplanned job changes that occur in the middle of planned production schedules. Moreover, tight budgets and high expectations are a main concern. As a result, companies are facing unprecedented cost pressure to support new production and distribution technologies that drive differentiation and enhance productivity.

In a world where media production teams are constantly pressured to deliver higher quality content faster, an up-to-date and ever-expanding storage system is not just a recommendation – it is a necessity. You want a storage infrastructure that can support 24/7 activity with unparalleled reliability and the confidence that files are available when needed.

High performance scale-out NAS storage supports parallel creative activities, handles high resource demands from multiple sources, and delivers the raw speed and management simplicity required for everyone in the creative value chain to work faster and smarter.

Read more about what it takes to get your storage infrastructure ready for the technology challenges of the VFX workflow in my TV Technology article titled: Visual Effects Studios – Selecting the Right Storage for Modern Media Workflows.