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The Future of HPC Storage – Expert Discussions from Virtual SC20

Gabriele Collier | November 20, 2020

Estimated reading time: 1 minute

SC20 has come and gone so fast and there’s always something you missed. If you want to catch up on how you can optimize your diverse HPC and AI workflows with data storage that automatically adapts to evolving small file and mixed workloads, check out the video links below. There are a number of expert discussions on a variety of topics such as the performance/cost conundrum, learning about the latest advances in parallel file system architecture, rethinking tiering, or evaluating the total cost of ownership.

*Please note: Must have SC20 technology pass in order to view this video.

Panel Session: The Diverse Approaches to Tiering HPC Storage

Moderator Addison Snell from Intersect360 talks with panelists from IBM, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Panasas, Spectra Logic, VAST Data, Weka, and Whamcloud/DDN about their approach to solving the HPC performance/capacity challenge in unique and individual ways.

*Please note: Must have SC20 technology pass in order to view this video.

Exhibitor Forum: Rethinking Tiering – A Focus on Performance Rather than Just Cost

Current HPC storage tiering architectures are all about managing costs rather than optimizing overall performance. Panasas Sr. Software Architect Curtis Anderson describes a new single-tier architecture that results in a 6x better price to performance ratio.

*Please note: Must have technology pass in SC20 in order to view this video.

What’s Brewing in Life Sciences: A Birds-of-a-Feather event

Adam Marko, Panasas Director of Life Science Solutions, along with thought leaders from BioTeam, Penguin Computing, and World Wide Technology, take you on a tour through the ins and outs of the beer making process, while sharing insights on the trends bubbling to the surface in Life Sciences HPC.

Proper Balance: The Shared Nuances of Craft Cocktails and Exceptional Storage

In this session Ellis Wilson, PhD, lead Software Architect for Panasas ActiveStor Ultra, and cocktail enthusiast, discusses the shared underpinnings of both a great cocktail and great storage architecture.

We hope you find the video resources useful. There’s a lot going on in HPC storage today. Contact us at to get answers to your HPC storage questions and to discuss your unique workload requirements. We are here to help.