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Taking HPC Storage Technology to the Next Level

Gabriele Collier | June 7, 2018

Developing a high-performance scale-out storage solution that supports unstructured data is no small feat. Add to that the complexity of a parallel file system combined with a commitment to deliver linear scalability, unmatched reliability and ease of use and you have a product that can pretty much tackle anything you throw at it.

At Panasas, we were early to market with a parallel file system, which meant our solution originally sold primarily to government labs, and research organizations; the early adopters in need of exceptional storage performance. However, with the explosion of unstructured data and video content in virtually every market segment, we soon found ourselves supporting technical workloads for commercial customers. Now industries of all types are leveraging High-Performance Computing (HPC) for big manufacturing, in-depth analysis, sophisticated modeling and VFX rendering.

Our CEO Faye Pairman was recently interviewed by David Tyler of Storage Magazine, who wanted to know how changing market and customer requirements shape the HPC storage market in general and Panasas product development in particular.

Faye talked about the competitive landscape and the priorities that drive customer choice. She also shared insight around the evolution of Panasas to meet changing market requirements, which included achieving scalable performance, commercializing the product, and the move toward disaggregating the software in order to give customers much more choice and a broader product line in the future.

R&D never stands still, and the growth of data will continue to drive HPC storage technology development at Panasas. Stay tuned for the next breakthrough storage solution from Panasas.

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