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Seven Big Ideas that Came to Life by Thinking Beyond Storage

Jim Donovan | May 1, 2018

We are on a mission to change the way our customers think about storage – or rather, how they don’t. It’s true that Panasas is a storage company. But, we think that true innovation can only happen when your storage technology is so nimble, stable, and future-ready that it fades into the background – so you don’t have to think about storage at all.

That’s why we’ve designed our ActiveStor solution entirely around the belief that your ideas are big – and we want to unleash them. That means more performance, more manageability, and more reliability.

Our mission is to free you up to think about what matters most – whether you’re designing state-of-the-art jetliners, creating mind-blowing visual effects, discovering the next cure for diseases, or predicting weather patterns. We allow you to execute the big ideas that can change your business, your customers, and our world.

And, by the way, our customers do design state-of-the-art jetliners, win global car races, save lives, and so much more.  Check out these seven world-changing metrics made possible with Panasas –  and stay tuned for more big ideas to come in our next blog post.