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See What Panasas Makes Possible at SC22

Jeff Whitaker
| November 7, 2022

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All your HPC and AI data. All your high-performance applications. All in one place, so you can keep your focus on tackling today’s biggest challenges.

That’s what Panasas makes possible. And we’re laying it out for the world to see at SC22 in Dallas from November 14 to 17. Plus, we have a big announcement that our customers have been waiting for…

HPC is helping organizations do amazing things: develop green technologies, increase energy efficiency, secure our food supply chain, optimize manufacturing, and more. But these impressive aims can bring mighty challenges if not handled intelligently, such as high operating costs, capacity versus speed trade-offs, mixed workloads, complex manual tuning, and tiering complexity.

Panasas’ reason for being is to solve these problems and make life easier for our customers. Twenty-three years ago, we started out as a pioneer in scale-out NAS and parallel file systems. In recent years, we’ve focused on building out our software and hardware capabilities in HPC and AI, staying ahead of the curve to deliver a knockout product portfolio for life sciences, manufacturing, academic research, financial services, energy, and beyond.

Jumpstart innovation with Panasas

What are the biggest challenges facing academic and commercial innovators? One of them is managing the data complexities that arise from HPC and AI applications.

They need a way to:

  • Consolidate their high-performance data environments: Many  organizations are using multiple storage systems to manage different HPC and AI workloads, a strategy which ends up generating cost and complexity down the line. Organizations need a platform that easily and efficiently serves mixed workloads and scales over time.
  • Easily manage their data: Working with your data should be one of the easiest parts of conducting research. Organizations need a platform that increases data visibility and portability while minimizing administrative and maintenance burdens. And this shouldn’t require a team of experts or a constant trade-off between speed, capacity, and cost.
  • Maintain uptime: Running high-performance applications requires rock-solid reliability and a move away from complex manual tuning and retuning.
  • Ensure scalability: This means scaling both performance and capacity consistently and without limits. As your applications and data grow, your storage should grow with it.

Find your solutions at the Panasas exhibit

Find the answers to these challenges and see what the future of HPC and AI looks like at SC22. Panasas will be showcasing our PanFS® suite of software solutions running on our all-NVMe ActiveStor® Flash, high-capacity ActiveStor® Ultra XL, and our flagship hybrid ActiveStor® Ultra storage.

Stop by booth #713 to see the all-new features that make the PanFS operating system a standout among enterprise NAS vendors and other parallel file systems. Our customers have been explicitly requesting this update, so we can’t wait to unveil the news in Dallas.

Want to talk challenges, solutions, or trends in your industry? Book your one-on-one meeting with Panasas for a chance to get all your questions answered at SC22.