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Panasas Lit Up ISC High Performance ’22

Jeff Whitaker
| June 8, 2022

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes


This year’s ISC High Performance marked the first in-person conference since the COVID-19 pandemic, and we were thrilled to be there. An expected attendee turnout of 1,500 ended up being closer to 3,000 with an energy level to match. The sense of community was stronger than ever – we can’t stress how great it was to see all of our friends in the industry once again and talk about these incredible technologies.

The Panasas presence was off the charts

Our booth was a beacon on the showroom floor, with our updated vibrant colors and dynamic imagery reflecting the bright outlook we have for our ActiveStor® portfolio and the variety of applications that it supports. To top it off, our location was prime, putting us in the middle of all the action. We had no shortage of visitors and enjoyed our many meetings with partners, prospects, and analysts.

ISC22The bold Panasas booth lit up the showroom floor. Doug Black, Editor in Chief at InsideHPC, had a great discussion with our COO Brian Peterson about the Panasas portfolio.

We’re ready for the future of data storage

The best parts, as they so often are at these events, were the conversations and the valuable insights they generated.

We picked up two recurring and related trends that indicate new directions for the future of data storage, and we’re proud to report that Panasas technology is ahead of the curve.

Mixed workload infrastructure is the future.

  • Nearly every organization today has a wide range of computational jobs that they need to run, from new AI/ML applications to the stalwart modeling and simulation jobs. These organizations ultimately want to invest in IT infrastructure that can handle all of those jobs with ease.
  • But the growing diversity of unique data loads can be overwhelming – for the storage administrators and the storage system itself. That mess of overlapping I/O streams is what we at Panasas call a “mixed workload,” and our systems driven by the PanFS® data engine have been engineered to bring order out of that chaos.
  • The result is a file system that can deliver extreme performance for any and every workload type at a price untouchable by other storage systems.

Organizations are moving toward consolidated storage.

  • While disparate storage systems dedicated to different workloads were once the status quo, organizations are realizing that these data silos create barriers that can slow down business, prevent collaboration, and actually cost them more money down the line. As a result, they’re looking for a storage solution that will allow them to consolidate.
  • To fully reap the benefits of consolidated storage, organizations need a solution that possesses both performance andcapacity, unlimited scalability, and automatic, intelligent data placement.
  • Once again, the PanFS data engine running on the ActiveStor portfolio checks all the boxes.

We’ve made some big moves here at Panasas recently, and it was exciting to see the payoff at ISC High Performance ’22. We’ll see you at SC ’22 in Dallas, Texas, in November!