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Adobe Anywhere and Panasas for Video Editing


Panasas ActiveStor delivers the performance, reliability, and ease of management expected in an Adobe Anywhere video editing environment. Based on a hybrid scale-out NAS architecture, ActiveStor enhances next generation media workflows and collaboration.

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With support for the full Adobe Anywhere suite of tools, including Premiere Pro and Prelude, artists can focus on creativity – and not worry about storage. ActiveStor scales as big as your Adobe Anywhere ideas. Panasas does the hard stuff, while you do the important creative work using Adobe tools.

The Adobe Anywhere – Panasas ActiveStor Environment

ActiveStor resides on the same LAN as your Adobe clients and servers, and can be installed in as little as 10 minutes. Our customers tell us they like ActiveStor because it is fast and they forget it is there. That’s because management is simple and easy. Some may say that ActiveStor is just as easy to manage as Adobe Anywhere.

We’d argue that it is actually easier!

Performance issues are eliminated, even for 4K high-res editing. Leading reliability is a given due to efficient triple-parity data protection for all Adobe Anywhere data files.

ActiveStor sits alongside an Adobe Anywhere Cluster. ActiveStor accelerates rendering and transcoding jobs that may be running within the cluster while delivering exceptional performance for clients through the Adobe Mercury Streaming Engine. The end result is that Premiere Pro and Prelude, users enjoy all of what Adobe Anywhere has to offer – and without the scalability, performance, and reliability drawbacks of typical media storage products.