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Panasas provides in-depth training to drive high levels of technical proficiency with Panasas ActiveStor parallel storage systems.

Current training courses include the following:

  • PanFS System Administration Training and Certification. This course is designed to provide systems administrators with the knowledge required to install configure and easily maintain Panasas storage. Panasas products, technologies, and topics covered include the ActiveStor 11, ActiveStor 12, ActiveStor 14, and Panasas InfiniBand Router 2 hardware platforms; the PanFS storage operating system; and how to access storage via the DirectFlow®, NFS, and CIFS protocols.
  • PanFS - Advanced Troubleshooting. This course builds on the PanFS - Advanced Troubleshooting Training and Certification course going more in depth into system architecture (including Object Storage theory) and places a greater emphasis on advanced trouble shooting and system management. Upon successful completion, the Certified Advanced Storage Engineer will be capable of being a subject matter expert for Panasas storage within their organization.
  • PanFS - Application Tuning and Benchmarking. The PanFS – Application Tuning and Benchmarking course builds upon the knowledge gained in the PanFS System Administration Training Course and is intended to aid application developers and system administrators who work closely with the applications they support in order to maximize the benefits of the Panasas storage appliance. Performance tuning and configuration choices are discussed for the storage, network and client systems. Additionally, we cover benchmarking tools and the Panasas SDK so that users can take full advantage of the Panasas file system and storage cluster.


Dates in 2015CourseLocation 
Feb 24-26 PanFS System Administration Training and Certification Pittsburgh, PA register now
April 13-15 PanFS System Administration Training and Certification Pittsburgh, PA register now
April 16-17 PanFS - Advanced Troubleshooting Pittsburgh, PA register now