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Panasas ActiveStor 16: Scalability

This video demonstrates the scalability of Panasas ActiveStor 16 hybrid scale-out NAS solution. Within the ActiveStor16 shelf there are two basic types of elements that you use to scale a system: The storage blade and the director blade.

Hybrid Scale-Out NAS: The Storage Blade

A storage blade has two hard drives, a flash device, a light-weight CPU, and memory. These components working together represent one node of the Panasas scale-out architecture. With every storage blade that you add, you are able to add more capacity and more performance to the system.

Hybrid Scale-Out NAS: The Director Blade

The other type of element in the Panasas ActiveStore 16 system is the director blade. The Director blade serves file system metadata, information about files, as well as serving legacy protocols like NFS and CIFS.


By adding either director blades or storage blades when you need them you can scale your system to whatever level is necessary. The Panasas ActiveStor 16 Hybrid Scale-Out NAS solution provides complete system scalability delivering the performance you need. We have customers with as many as a hundred shelves deployed in a single system image. A single file system with 12 Petabytes of storage capacity is able to operate at speed of up to 150 Gb/s.

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