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Panasas ActiveStor 16: Manageability

The Panasas ActiveStor 16 Hybrid Scale-Out NAS system is easy to both deploy and manage. Why? The biggest reason is our user interface. Many companies utilize part-time system administrators. Part-time administrators can quickly become overworked when the systems they are responsible for contain up to, or even more than 12 Petabytes of storage.

The First Step in Easy Scale-Out NAS Manageability: The Console

The ActiveStor 16 management console puts all the information that you might need at your fingertips. To begin with, the console provides a virtual view of the hardware. At a glance, you see everything that you need to know. When the system is operating properly, all lights are green. However, if there are errors in the way of failed hard drives or a failure of any other types of hardware events you will be immediately notified by red lights in the console and system alerts. The console sends alerts to any email list that you have setup, it sends SNMP traps, and you will see a visual display of the element of the hardware that's having an issue.

Routine diagnostic inspection is also much easier with the ability to tunnel in to any of the individual blades or hardware elements. On the display you can see everything from CPU temperatures to hard drive serial numbers and makes and models--all sorts of diagnostic information.

You can also, quite easily, view all performance information and diagnostics as well. In the ActiveStor 16 console you can see the current activity and the CPU utilization operations per second. You can even run reports to show in what direction capacity utilization is headed so that system administrators will know when it's time to give Panasas a call to order more storage.

The Second Step in Easy Scale-Out NAS Manageability: Automation

Panasas ActiveStor 16 significantly automates many of the steps in the management process. There are many situations where automation is essential to effective manageability, for example, if your system administrator is working with something that is not an appliance, where there is a separate software layer for the file system and a separate hardware management system. These types of deployments are typically difficult to deal with because the file system doesn't understand the hardware and the hardware doesn't understand the file system. With Panasas ActiveStor 16 everything was designed together to work cleanly and smoothly. That's why it takes less than ten minutes to get the initial ActiveStor shelf up and running once you have it in the rack to the first file system mounts in the linux client.

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