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Panasas ActiveStor 16: Redundancy

If you are looking for the enterprise experience, everything related to your data storage needs has to have no single points of failure. This concept is more commonly known as redundancy.

Enterprise Scale-Out NAS Redundancy: Redundant Power Modules

Included in the Panasas ActiveStor 16 Hybrid Scale-out NAS solution there are, of course, two redundant power modules. In addition to a traditional power module, there is also a battery module that provides a redundant power backup in case of the data center losing power. The redundant battery module allows ActiveStor 16 to synchronize any pending writes that have been written to RAM memory, which of course is volatile memory. The Panasas Scale-out NAS solution concerning power protection allows ActiveStor 16 to write everything to disk and safely shut down the system in case of a power outage.

Enterprise Scale-Out NAS Redundancy: Redundant Switch Modules

The most important aspect at the back of the shelf of the ActiveStor 16 Hybrid Scale-out NAS system is the switch modules. The switch modules are wires connected to the user's network and provides interaction with the storage system. Panasas provides redundant switch modules, a 10-gigabit 8 ethernet port uplink from each of the switches. The switch modules are trunked together--board bonded--so that you get actually about 20 gigabit ethernet worth of performance. Multiply that times scaling out the system by a hundred shelves, that's how you scale out to 150 Gb/s.

Hybrid Scale-Out NAS
ActiveStor 16

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