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Easy Management

Centralized Operations

The PanFS storage operating system provides a single point of management for a single, scalable file system, allowing storage administrators to focus on managing data instead of their storage systems. Capacity and performance planning, mount point management, and data load balancing across multiple pools of storage are all common administration problems that are easily solved by deploying Panasas storage.

User Interface

PanActive Manager proactively displays all critical system information and makes it easy to securely configure Panasas storage. Through the "System-At-A-Glance" page, users can view a range of status details, including overall system state, error messages, capacity and disk utilization, throughput and response times. Administrators tailor configurations by allocating storage to virtual volumes within the file system that can be assigned with quotas to certain projects, users, or applications. To improve the quality of service, a phone-home feature notifies both Panasas and storage administrators of critical issues so that preventive maintenance can be scheduled at a convenient time. In addition to the graphical interface, a comprehensive command-line interface is also available.

Scale with Ease

The Panasas Install Wizard helps administrators set up Panasas storage systems in seven simple steps. In fact, the Enterprise Strategy Group found that it typically takes fewer than 10 minutes to get ActiveStor up and running. Scaling storage is even easier as PanFS automatically recognizes and provisions it without disruption to users or applications. No partition re-sizing, RAID group updates or volume changes are necessary. PanFS will even automatically rebalance data across the new storage to avoid performance hot spots and ensure that the system continues to deliver its maximum performance over time. And when it comes time to retire older hardware generations, data can be non-disruptively migrated to new equipment with no downtime.


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