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Use Cases

ActiveStor intelligently combines high performance SSD and cost-effective SATA storage to deliver a hybrid scale-out NAS appliance that is optimized for mixed workloads, providing high streaming throughput for large files and high IOPS performance for small files. This latest ActiveStor system is ideally suited for big data workloads while remaining an easy to use and manage appliance that installs in under ten minutes.

The dramatically faster metadata and small file performance delivered by ActiveStor is of value across vertical markets and customers.


The energy industry creates value with big data by performing core research, replacing costly physical scientific experimentation with innovative computer simulation. Oil and gas companies leverage data like never before by using techniques such as geophysical simulation or seismic processing to improve exploration of the world's resources for the production of energy. They utilize simulation and modeling technologies to reduce costs and risks, as well as time to results. Energy companies recognize that parallel, high performance scale-out storage is required to use data to make more intelligent business decisions in order to gain competitive advantage.

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Life sciences organizations are re-evaluating their storage strategies in the face of rapidly growing volumes of critically important data. The increased use of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and medical imaging applications are taxing legacy storage infrastructures. NGS and other life sciences applications are driving the need for fast, extremely scalable, easy-to-manage, and affordable technical computing storage solutions that handle intense research workloads while accelerating time-to-results. ActiveStor integrates seamlessly into heterogeneous life sciences IT environments, delivering enterprise-grade interoperability with Linux, Unix, and Windows systems.

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Panasas storage delivers the performance required by Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) applications, combined with extreme scalability and simplified management - reducing time to project completion. The Panasas parallel architecture allows for linear, scale-out growth to easily accommodate customer requirements for big data design applications. When time is money, Panasas delivers.

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Increasing sophistication in computer graphics and visual effects as well as enhanced video resolution (HD and 2K) are taxing traditional storage systems. Work-in-progress and pre-production processing, including CGI graphics and visual effects, require high performance parallel storage to satisfy the demand for large digital content file throughput using both sequential and random I/O. For media companies, ActiveStor delivers the performance and scalability to support the most demanding video editing and production loads, speeding project completion. ActiveStor provides the capacity, scalability, manageability, and value required by big data-driven video production and other data-intensive media and entertainment industry applications.

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