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ActiveStor 14 Performance

Panasas extends its leadership in providing the highest performance parallel storage system with ActiveStor 14. Through the intelligent use of SSD technology, ActiveStor 14 dramatically increases metadata and small file performance while improving upon the industry-leading throughput benchmarks set by ActiveStor 12. ActiveStor 14 sets the standard for small file, large file, and mixed workload storage performance found in technical and big data computing environments.

ActiveStor 14 offers up to 11x faster performance relative to ActiveStor 12 when tasked with metadata and small file intensive workloads. Principal examples include small file reads, NFS operations/sec, directory listings, and file deletes. Object RAID rebuilds are also faster, allowing 4TB drive-based ActiveStor 14 configurations to fully rebuild in approximately the same time as 3TB drive-based ActiveStor 12 models.