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ActiveStor Configurations

ActiveStor 14 and 16 models are based on three different types of storage blades that feature different HDD/SSD choices:

  • ActiveStor 14: 2x4TB HDD + 120GB SSD, 8GB cache
  • ActiveStor 14T: 2x4TB HDD + 480GB SSD, 16GB cache
  • ActiveStor 16: 2x4TB HDD + 240GB SSD, 8GB cache
  • ActiveStor 16: 2x6TB HDD + 240GB SSD, 8GB cache

In designing ActiveStor, Panasas performed an extensive analysis of file system file size data from a sample of its current customers and prospects across different market verticals. Even at the most "large file" oriented customers, datasets consisted of a very high percentage of small files that took up a very small share of the total disk capacity. This called for the right blend of SATA and SSD technology.

ActiveStor 14 and 16 shelves support a total of eleven blade slots. These can be populated with 0, 1, 2, or 3 director blades per shelf, with the remaining slots filled with storage blades. In general, one director blade per shelf is recommended for throughput applications and two director blades per shelf are recommended to maximize NFS, small file, and metadata performance. Also, ActiveStor models with 240GB and 480GB SSD’s are tuned for higher IOPs.

Please contact Panasas for a customized recommendation for your specific workload.