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Video Editing, Animation and Post Production Solutions

Video post-production can be stressful. Meeting production schedules and coordinating workflows of production artists (directors, editors, audio technicians, colorization, etc.) is no small task. When there are multiple projects at the same time, production complexity multiplies and so does the stress.

One of the biggest pain-points in post-production is related to storage. The common belief is that you just simply have to live with storage-related bumps and pains. It may be the pain of everything slowing down when capacity and users are added. Or the fact that your storage solution requires a lot of management effort because it is too complex for production people to administer. And if your production team is acting as a part-time IT admin, they aren’t prepared to manage complex storage platforms – nor is their time well-spent managing storage. In addition, you may be stuck with editing proxy files as your storage cannot deliver the performance needed for direct high-res editing or 4K editing, or hitting storage capacity and user limits, which is highly disruptive and costly to production. It’s time to bring in Panasas.

Enter Panasas...

Our post-production customers tell us that Panasas ActiveStor® revolutionized productivity in their post- production environments. Admins require very basic technical skills because ActiveStor is so simple to manage. Production workflows are streamlined and made more efficient by directly editing the high-res source. No wasted production effort with proxy files. The issues our customers had previously learned to live with are no more.

ActiveStor users experience:

Panasas Video Post Production Workflow reduces stress
  • Zero-to-minimal unplanned downtime
  • No need for full-time or highly technical IT admin
    • A simple GUI and storage automation software make it very easy to manage
  • User and capacity limits are easily resolved in 10 minutes by just adding a storage shelf
    • Add-as-you go, no disruption to production, no forklift upgrades

Download the Asylum Entertainment Case Study

Editing 4K Resolution

Editing in 4K resolution, even in raw mode, is supported as ActiveStor is built on a high-performance parallel file system for massive aggregate performance. To ensure smooth production, we went beyond standard RAID6 with our own unique triple-parity RAID6+ resulting in data reliability that is 150X greater when compared to dual parity data protection approaches. With built-in disaster recovery features and data replication, ActiveStor provides unmatched value for the most demanding post-production environments.

When you can’t take chances in hitting production schedules on-time and with the highest quality possible – you’ll want to check out the Panasas difference.

ActiveStor – The Storage Foundation For Your Production Environment

Diagram depicting Video Post Production with Panasas ActiveStor

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Deploying ActiveStor in your existing production environment is easy. We fit right in whether you use Mac or Windows clients, AVID hardware and software, FlavourSys, SANFusion, Adobe Anywhere servers, and a variety of other post-production products.

Just connect ActiveStor to your LAN and configure workspaces as usual. Keep using your existing AVID ISIS storage in addition to ActiveStor. Use ActiveStor for production, as an active archive, or both – all under a single global namespace.

How much time would you save if you could bring in, edit, and output video in high resolution? Efficient post-production depends on reliable technology to take on the most complex and challenging tasks.

See for yourself how having a storage system that is easy to deploy, scale, and manage can make a huge difference.

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