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Media Rendering / Animation Solutions

Why is it that time can vary so much between completing one rendering project versus another? Admittedly, the new projects may require higher resolution, more colors, and even higher frame rates – so there is obviously more data to render. Scaling out the number of render compute nodes to match the increased workload of new projects should accelerate time-to-results. Disappointingly, the increase in render processing node count does not deliver the expected reduction in render time. Render processing with a large Linux (or other) cluster must take into account more than node count or number of processor cores.

Increased rendering demands for new projects require the entire render farm to be scaled-out, and not just the render processing nodes. All the processing power in the world will do little to accelerate results if processing nodes are always waiting on storage. Rendering applications expect storage to scale out in the same manner as processing nodes are scaled – modularly, with linear efficiency, and with the ability to balance a heavy aggregate mixed-file render workload across all storage nodes.

Panasas ActiveStor® - Media Rendering Solutions with exceptional time-to-results

Diagram depicting media rendering solutions with Panasas ActivStor

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Panasas ActiveStor delivers high-bandwidth aggregate performance to accelerate render farm workflows and drastically shorten time-to-results. Originally designed for massive aggregate workloads in high-performance computing (HPC), ActiveStor technology is now used to create exceptional rendering time advantages for rendering shops based on ActiveStor hybrid scale-out technology.

Time-to-results is accelerated even further with our patented DirectFlow® technology, based on the Panasas PanFS® high-performance parallel file system. DirectFlow bypasses typical NAS head bottlenecks up to 90% of the time, resulting in lightning fast and direct render cluster to storage access. Additionally, the ActiveStor intelligent hybrid architecture uses a combination of high-capacity hard drives and flash drives to deliver consistent and outstanding performance regardless of large or small files.

Whether video, graphics, or special effects, ActiveStor has been known to reduce time-to-results by 5X when compared to legacy and traditional storage products.

What about rendering reliability and manageability?

Performance and time-to-results mean little without reliability. Also, the true cost of storage can be astronomical when multiple administrators are needed with scale.

ActiveStor only requires a single administrator, whether 100TB or 15PB. An intuitive GUI and storage automation make it simple to manage, whether you are an IT expert or a member of the production team.

As for reliability, we go beyond traditional RAID6 dual parity data protection. Our RAID6+ uses triple parity to provide 150X greater data protection against data loss when compared to dual parity approaches.

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