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By Bill Ribera on June 30, 2014

Earlier this month, scientists and business leaders from the oil and gas industry came together in Amsterdam at the annual EAGE Conference and Exhibition to discuss trends and technologies in energy exploration. We were pleased to again exhibit and support this event.

This year’s exhibit floor was dominated by two recurring themes: one, the wonderful Dutch countrymen and women proudly supporting their beloved Oranje in their quest for World Cup glory; and second, geoscientists and engineers looking for ways to streamline and accelerate analysis and discovery for oil and gas...

By Geoffrey Noer on June 10, 2014

There’s no question that this is a big announcement: not only have we announced our new flagship platform ActiveStor 16 but we also announced PanFS 6.0, the biggest step forward for our storage operating system in many years.

ActiveStor 16 builds on our successful ActiveStor 14 hybrid scale-out NAS platform, improving both density and performance. Leveraging 6TB helium-filled hard drive technology from HGST, ActiveStor 16 now attains 122.4TB per shelf (50% higher density). The ActiveStor 16 director blade also sports a faster CPU and four times the memory for improved file system...

By Bill Ribera on May 8, 2014

Our team recently returned from Boston, where Panasas was an exhibitor at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo put on by Cambridge Healthtech Institute. As always it was a rich, informative event and in many ways, an annual bellwether for the state of research technology in the biosciences. Panasas has participated in Bio-IT World for several years and I think that gives us a unique perspective on the evolution of this growing market.

Suffice it to say that while the inherent challenges and opportunities that first attracted Panasas to Bio-IT World remain quite similar – including...

By Geoffrey Noer on April 25, 2014

Whether you choose to call it a private cloud or not, storage consolidation is certainly not a new concept as it’s been a top objective of Enterprise IT organizations for many years. However, until recently, the full benefits of consolidation have been elusive for technical workflows, as no one type of storage could satisfy all three of the most common use cases:

Scratch space: dedicated storage for Linux cluster access. Very high aggregate performance and storage capacity requirements, with reliability and availability secondary to performance as the files tend to be temporary in...
By Bill Ribera on April 22, 2014

With more than 98,000 in attendance, this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show certainly lived up to its billing as the world’s largest business-to-business media and entertainment event! I had the pleasure of joining my Panasas colleagues for what seemed like a non-stop parade of visitors looking for a better Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution for their creative and post-production workloads, along with current Panasas customers hoping for their first look at our new PanFS 5.5 operating system.

I like to think everyone got what they came for. Our in-booth...

By Faye Pairman on March 26, 2014

Recently, we announced the release of PanFS 5.5 with enterprise-grade support for Windows-based workloads. I'm pleased to see the industry press take notice by analyzing and sharing our news for their readers, viewers and listeners. So what are people saying about PanFS 5.5? Following are a few highlights you may find of interest:

In an information-packed slidecast, Geoffrey Noer joins...
By Geoffrey Noer on March 11, 2014

Enterprise grade Windows support for technical computing? Are you crazy? Everybody in this space runs Linux!

Yes, I know, the compute clusters used for technical research and enterprise workloads pretty much all run Linux. After all, that’s why we originally created DirectFlow® - to maximize aggregate I/O performance and successfully handle thousands of concurrent compute nodes.

So why then did we just spend several years of development effort to transform the quality of our Microsoft® Windows support and interoperability?...

By Geoffrey Noer on December 14, 2013
Categories: Events, Panasas News

As one of the largest HPC events in the world, the Supercomputing Conference (SC13) draws attendees from a wide variety of industries. We took advantage of the opportunity to meet with many existing and prospective customers in academia, manufacturing, government, life sciences and energy and came away with great feedback about our products and the kinds of technology companies are prioritizing for their big data workloads.

I was very pleased to hear so many compliments from customers about the high quality and reliability of their Panasas ActiveStor systems, something that was made...

By Garth Gibson on November 14, 2013

Panasas founder and chief scientist, Dr. Garth Gibson, addresses the ‘Ginormous Systems Conference’, organized  by TTI/Vanguard with a talk titled: Disruptive Change in Storage Technologies for Big Data. Garth tackles the evolution from terabytes to petabytes and on to the promise of exascale computing and how NAND flash is changing the rules along the way. Other topics include parallel file systems, object storage and the challenges of working with both very large and very small data sets in unified systems. Watch the entire...

By Bill Ribera on November 5, 2013

This is a guest post by: Rex Tanakit, VP of Systems Engineering at Panasas

Our customers asked for Xeon Phi support and we listened. We’re pleased to report that Panasas now supports the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor across our ActiveStor scale-out storage solutions, making Panasas the first storage vendor to unlock the full potential of this powerful technology.

Integrated into the Panasas PanFS parallel file system, Xeon Phi support enables the coprocessor’s extreme parallel performance to fully leverage our storage for I/O-intensive big data workloads in commercial and high...