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Why Upgrade Your Panasas Solution to RAID 6+?

Geoffrey Noer

VP of Product Management


Today, Panasas® announced a new program to help customers upgrade the reliability of their Panasas ActiveStor® scale-out NAS storage systems to gain the full benefit of PanFS RAID 6+.

Our current customers have deployed Panasas systems for many years based on per-file RAID 5 data protection with great success. After all, Panasas per-file RAID 5 provided dual parity data protection (horizontal plus vertical parity) for an overall level of data protection comparable to a traditional RAID 6 approach. However, with the PanFS 6 storage operating system shipping, RAID 6+ triple parity data protection (dual horizontal plus vertical parity) is now available to Panasas customers, dramatically increasing the degree to which their data is safeguarded.

The decision to upgrade existing RAID 5 file systems to RAID 6+ should be an easy decision for many of our customers:

  1. 150x greater data reliability than dual parity
  2. Minimal performance impact with RAID 6+
  3. Minimal additional capacity overhead with RAID 6+

Achieving a new, higher level of reliability with PanFS RAID 6+ without incurring large performance or capacity overhead is a significant accomplishment that represents great value for existing and new Panasas customers alike. As a result, we expect many customers will find it to be an easy decision to migrate existing volumes to RAID 6+ as part of this upgrade program. Please contact your Panasas sales representative for more information.