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Video: Five Key Advantages of ActiveStor 16 Explained by Geoffrey Noer


The Panasas ActiveStor 16 appliance is poised to revolutionize scale-out storage. This new educational video describes five key aspects of the ActiveStor 16 that set it apart from other enterprise solutions on the market. Featuring our vice president of product management, Geoffrey Noer, the video below will take you through the ins-and-outs of the ActiveStor 16 solution, from the director blade to our hybrid scale-out architecture.

Watch the video below, and be sure to visit our Resource Library for more videos, case studies and other informational materials. We hope you learn a thing or two about our scale-out NAS solution.

#1: Redundancy
Data storage, especially enterprise class, needs to have no single points of failure. This concept is more commonly known as redundancy. See how ActiveStor 16 uses redundant power modules and switch modules to keep data safe.

#2: Director Blade
Get a view of the ActiveStor 16 director blade, and learn how it’s able to quickly serve up metadata for billions of files.

#3: Manageability
The ActiveStor 16 is easy to deploy and manage. Why? The biggest reason is our user interface. Get a feel for the interface in this video.

#4: Scalability
See the scalability of ActiveStor 16 first-hand, and learn about the two basic elements that can be used to scale a system: the storage blade and director blade.

#5: Hybrid Scale-Out Architecture
The ActiveStor 16 storage blade contains two types of media storage: high capacity hard drives and solid-state (flash) drives. Learn how the combination gives users the ability to access small files without interrupting large data flows and why that’s important.

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