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The Road to Exascale - Watch the Video


Panasas Marketing

Panasas hosted an event at Supercomputing 2011 (SC11) which featured an august industry panel that discussed “the road to exascale.” The panelists: Panasas founder and CTO, Garth Gibson; Deputy Division Leader, HPC Division at LANL, Gary Grider; Chief Executive Officer and CTO of Instrumental, Inc., Henry Newman; and Addison Snell, Chief Executive Officer of Intersect360 Research,  explored the hard work that is being done to make exascale a reality. They discussed (among other topics):

 How long is the road to exascale? Will the U.S. government’s 2018 exascale target be met?

  • The challenges of delivering 1018 Floating Point Operations per Second (FLOPS)
  • System capabilities needed to deliver the required 70TB/s bandwidth
  • The role that SSDs may play in exascale implementations

 Watch the lively exchange in the following video.