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Supercomputing and the Enterprise: Talking Reliability at ISC’14

Bill Ribera

VP of WW Sales & Field Operations

Another week – another big European trade show!

In late June, the Panasas team had the pleasure of participating in ISC’14: the International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig. The show hosted a solid turnout of professionals from enterprise and research institutions as well as industry media and analysts, all there to take a deep dive into the trends and technologies that are driving this accelerating field. I daresay they were not disappointed!

From the conversations we enjoyed in the Panasas booth, it was clear that storage challenges are an increasingly high priority with this audience, particularly as high-performance computing gains adoption among enterprise businesses. What I heard time again was that as data sets and storage volumes continue to grow rapidly, data protection and system availability become bigger concerns, with storage technologies carrying the burden of success (or failure) for critical data and workflows. I’m happy to say that when we explained how our RAID 6+ functionality with triple parity protection offers 150x greater reliability versus dual parity approaches, the feedback we heard was overwhelmingly positive.

Of course, you can’t have a show about high performance computing without performance as a major topic of conversation, and it was interesting to me to see how the conversation around compute and storage performance continues to evolve. More and more, the savvy users we talked to are filtering vendors’ claims through the lens of what’s possible at scale and in the real world. Because what good is performance – or reliability, or availability – if it doesn’t carry through to the real-world extremes that today’s customers expect of their information infrastructure?

But don’t take it from me: Our own Geoffrey Noer was interviewed by InsideHPC’s Rich Brueckner on the show floor where he gave an outstanding overview of what makes our hybrid ActiveStor 16 storage system with RAID 6+ so reliable at scale. I encourage you to take a look!