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Performance + Private Cloud = Panasas


Panasas Marketing

Analyst firm, Intersect360 Research, has released a new white paper, “Solving Big Data Problems with Private Cloud Storage,” in which it describes Panasas as well-positioned to provide storage solutions for HPC private storage clouds. The comprehensive paper explores the challenges that HPC applications face, making public clouds less attractive than private cloud implementations.  HPC big data applications with very high data-to-compute ratios are challenged in a public cloud environment due to the high performance and capacity requirements.  The paper expands on the essential elements of private storage clouds, including: aggregation, capacity on demand, resource allocation, and accounting. The paper describes Panasas as having “established itself as a provider of high-performance storage systems at extreme scale, thereby demonstrating capabilities in scalability, throughput, and resource allocation, all of which are critical in assembling effective high-performance storage clouds.”

Intersect360 points out that, “…there is an important distinction between Panasas and the myriad companies that have begun to wave the cloud banner with whatever technologies they may possess. Rather than Panasas attempting to bring technology to a trend, this is more a case of a trend coming to Panasas. Intersect360 Research studies have independently confirmed end users’ desire for private clouds, along with their requirements for such solutions. These requirements match up well with Panasas technology, products, and capabilities.”

Take a look – it’s a great read.