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Panasas and ActiveStor 16 Get Geophysical at EAGE 14

Bill Ribera

VP of WW Sales & Field Operations

Earlier this month, scientists and business leaders from the oil and gas industry came together in Amsterdam at the annual EAGE Conference and Exhibition to discuss trends and technologies in energy exploration. We were pleased to again exhibit and support this event.

This year’s exhibit floor was dominated by two recurring themes: one, the wonderful Dutch countrymen and women proudly supporting their beloved Oranje in their quest for World Cup glory; and second, geoscientists and engineers looking for ways to streamline and accelerate analysis and discovery for oil and gas exploration. (I was lucky to enjoy lively conversations on both topics, though I’m much more conversant in data storage than the ins-and-outs of what we Americans call soccer!)

On the storage front, it was clear that advancements in exploration and extraction continue to open new paths to resources and market opportunities. That’s giving scientists and the IT organizations that support them a challenge – and opportunity – to apply and evolve the technologies and methodologies that have served the industry so well to a wider range of geologies, soil compositions and terrains than ever before.

What can we in the data storage space do? We can be faster, and we can be more flexible. With that in mind, I was grateful to have our recently unveiled ActiveStor 16 platform and PanFS 6.0 on hand at EAGE. While the reliability of our RAID6+ data protection was a hot topic, attendees were equally curious about our increased use of SSD along with SATA drives in order to meet the performance and scalability demands of large data sets and mixed workloads.

This market continues to be an exciting place for innovation and for customers who embrace that innovation, a huge opportunity to turn technology investments into discovery and competitive advantage. We’re grateful to EAGE and the city of Amsterdam for hosting such a welcoming industry event.