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Garth Gibson's History of RAID, Part I -- "Thinking the RAID Way"


Panasas Marketing

It was recently announced that Panasas co-founder and chief scientist, Dr. Garth Gibson, has won the 2012 Jean-Claude Laprie Award in Dependable Computing for his pioneering work with RAID, including his co-authorship of the influential “Berkeley RAID Paper” – A Case or Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks (RAID).

Garth’s groundbreaking paper introduced the concept of RAID, a truly disruptive technology which rapidly became the common configuration paradigm for disks at all but the very low end of the server market.  The paper familiarized development engineers who didn’t normally work in the area of high availability or fault tolerance with the concepts of improving reliability and availability through redundancy. The RAID levels as defined in this paper persist to the present day.

Fittingly, Garth took some time at GigaOM’s recent big data conference in New York City to reminisce about his important and long-lasting work with RAID. He talks about how his early efforts inform his current endeavors with parallelism as well as his on-going research around future storage technologies.  The full conversation will be run in three video installments here on the Panasas blog.