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Change is the Only Constant at Bio-IT World

Bill Ribera

VP of WW Sales & Field Operations

Our team recently returned from Boston, where Panasas was an exhibitor at the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo put on by Cambridge Healthtech Institute. As always it was a rich, informative event and in many ways, an annual bellwether for the state of research technology in the biosciences. Panasas has participated in Bio-IT World for several years and I think that gives us a unique perspective on the evolution of this growing market.

Suffice it to say that while the inherent challenges and opportunities that first attracted Panasas to Bio-IT World remain quite similar – including vast outputs of unstructured data and organizations with minimal IT staff and support – the pace of change in the biosciences is accelerating at a truly remarkable rate. Sequencers and other tools of the lab bench are getting exponentially more powerful (and yet, less costly) every year, effectively cutting the cost of research and encouraging more research: more sequencing runs, more analysis and, of course, more and more data to be stored, analyzed and archived.

Customers and partners agreed that Panasas solutions are well positioned to do more than keep up with the evolution in biosciences research. More than ever, biosciences workflows are ideally suited to parallel processing technologies like our ActiveStor® storage systems. As researchers look to consolidate growing volumes of data, of different types and from different platforms, we’re able to offer effectively limitless capacity and a single global namespace, along with the performance to stay ahead of the quickening pace of discoveries generated by the proliferating number of lab tools. And, we received a lot of positive feedback about our recent release of PanFS® 5.5. With Windows-ready CIFS support along with NFS, we’re better equipped than ever to handle the mixed workloads that our research customers often require.

Truth be told, I can't think of an industry where research and discovery are evolving faster than the biosciences. We’re grateful to the organizers of Bio-IT World for hosting a revealing look at the direction of biosciences research and technology, and we couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds.