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April 2014

By Geoffrey Noer on April 25, 2014

Whether you choose to call it a private cloud or not, storage consolidation is certainly not a new concept as it’s been a top objective of Enterprise IT organizations for many years. However, until recently, the full benefits of consolidation have been elusive for technical workflows, as no one type of storage could satisfy all three of the most common use cases:

Scratch space: dedicated storage for Linux cluster access. Very high aggregate performance and storage capacity requirements, with reliability and availability secondary to performance as the files tend to be temporary in...
By Bill Ribera on April 22, 2014

With more than 98,000 in attendance, this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show certainly lived up to its billing as the world’s largest business-to-business media and entertainment event! I had the pleasure of joining my Panasas colleagues for what seemed like a non-stop parade of visitors looking for a better Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution for their creative and post-production workloads, along with current Panasas customers hoping for their first look at our new PanFS 5.5 operating system.

I like to think everyone got what they came for. Our in-booth...