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March 2014

By Faye Pairman on March 26, 2014

Recently, we announced the release of PanFS 5.5 with enterprise-grade support for Windows-based workloads. I'm pleased to see the industry press take notice by analyzing and sharing our news for their readers, viewers and listeners. So what are people saying about PanFS 5.5? Following are a few highlights you may find of interest:

In an information-packed slidecast, Geoffrey Noer joins...
By Geoffrey Noer on March 11, 2014

Enterprise grade Windows support for technical computing? Are you crazy? Everybody in this space runs Linux!

Yes, I know, the compute clusters used for technical research and enterprise workloads pretty much all run Linux. After all, that’s why we originally created DirectFlow® - to maximize aggregate I/O performance and successfully handle thousands of concurrent compute nodes.

So why then did we just spend several years of development effort to transform the quality of our Microsoft® Windows support and interoperability?...