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May 2013

By Geoffrey Noer on May 23, 2013

Scale-out NAS vendors like to brag about what they’ve done inside their storage architecture to distribute data evenly and allow the performance of their systems to scale as additional storage nodes are added. And at Panasas, we’re no exception.

However, while linear performance scaling inside a storage architecture is indeed critically important, that is only one half of the picture. With many scale-out NAS systems, system administrators frequently run into a serious challenge – how to evenly balance their compute clients across the storage system.

The root cause of this...

By Barbara Murphy on May 1, 2013
Categories: Object Storage

Panasas has a long history with object storage, starting with Dr. Garth Gibson’s groundbreaking work in the early 1990’s at Carnegie Mellon.  Garth’s work on NASD (Network Attached Secure Disk) became the foundation for the OSD (Object Storage Device) standard and Panasas file system.  He is also credited with being the key inspiration for the Google File System (GFS).  Both file systems are object based storage, but should not be confused with web object storage systems such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Windows Azure.  In fact there are two classes of object...