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June 2012

By Barbara Murphy on June 28, 2012

I recently attended a panel event at the Churchill Club in Silicon Valley ( “The Elephant in the Enterprise: What Role Will Hadoop Play?” certainly packed the house. The panel included users and vendors from Facebook, Cloudera, Oracle, MapR, and Metamarkets, each providing very different perspectives on Hadoop’s readiness for the enterprise. . It was interesting to compare the user perspective “…it is no way ready for primetime,” with the vendor perspective being “…of course it’s ready!”

On the user side, Jay...

By Barbara Murphy on June 11, 2012

Last year I wrote a blog post that showed how the lack of parallelism in computing was a limiter to innovation.  My post was inspired by a technology article I read in the Economist magazine – The Economist continues to be a trend setter, taking on new topics that highlight a revolution in the IT industry.  The May 19th issue takes on a new hot topic with a special report on big data in finance and banking –  ...