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September 2011

By Barbara Murphy on September 27, 2011
Categories: pNFS

Any of us who have been around the storage industry for a long time knows that standards adoption happens at what sometimes feels like a snail’s pace.  It takes the vision and dedication of people like Garth Gibson, Panasas founder and CTO, to bring momentous change to the industry by pushing the boundaries of technology.

Panasas was instrumental in driving the initial proposal for pNFS and Garth Gibson has been a key contributor to the creation of the open standard for high performance computing.   Take a listen to Garth Gibson talking at SC10 on the genesis of pNFS...

By Brent Welch on September 14, 2011

Traditional RAID is designed to protect whole disks with block-levelredundancy.  An array of disks is treated as a RAID group, or protection domain, that can tolerate one or more failures and still recover a failed disk by the redundancy encoded on other drives.  The RAID recovery requires reading all the surviving blocks on the other disks in the RAID group to recompute blocks lost on the failed disk.  As disks have increased capacity by 40% to 100% per year, their bandwidth has not increased substantially. 

Comparing models of drives from various vintages of...

By Barbara Murphy on September 6, 2011

Panasas co-founder and CTO, Garth Gibson, talks about the evolution of cloud computing with parallel file systems and high performance storage. He discusses advances in data center manageability with new tools to support a wider range of user needs on different operating systems and on virtual machines. He points out that the notion of the ability of users to manage their own gear better makes cloud computing especially compelling.