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The first and only high-performance parallel data protocol for the Apple® Mac® platform

Deliver great content faster than ever
Experience exceptional performance in digital production with the new DirectFlow for Mac protocol. DirectFlow accelerates your workflows with advances in parallel data throughput that leverage the seamless scalability and instant availability of the Panasas ActiveStor® performance scale-out NAS solution. DirectFlow is the parallel data access protocol designed by Panasas and delivered as part of the integrated PanFS® file system and protocols running on ActiveStor.

  • Ingest, process and deliver video faster and in higher resolution
  • Unify all your Macs on simple high-speed Ethernet under a single global namespace
  • Share access at higher bandwidth with DirectFlow for Linux clients as well as NFS and SMB
  • Leverage enterprise NAS data services such as snapshots and quotas

How does DirectFlow work?
DirectFlow avoids traditional protocol I/O bottlenecks by allowing compute clients to access the entire Panasas storage cluster directly and in parallel. This results in higher performance than what can be achieved with industry standard protocols such as NFS and SMB, and avoids the load-balancing and congestion side-effects of these protocols.

How is DirectFlow implemented?
DirectFlow is a file system driver that runs inside each compute client. DirectFlow establishes a parallel I/O relationship from the client to the PanFS storage operating system for every file read/write. DirectFlow also performs client-side parity calculations for data written to Panasas storage, relieving this burden from storage and unleashing greater performance benefits.

Why create DirectFlow for Mac?
DirectFlow for Mac builds on the success of DirectFlow for Linux® by extending the performance benefits of parallel I/O over Ethernet to the Apple Mac platform and Apple OS® X operating system. Customers of Apple requiring performance have been traditionally limited to complex SAN topologies that deploy well but scale poorly and restrict open access to data. With the introduction of DirectFlow for Mac, the ecosystem of Apple applications can tap the parallel performance benefits of DirectFlow over Ethernet for the first time, leaving SAN behind and leveraging Ethernet’s economic benefits and infrastructure simplicity while also maintaining open access.

What is the benefit to the storage user?
When you double the performance of client applications accessing scale-out NAS you double the productivity of all users. This leads to higher quality outcomes because you have more time to perfect the product you are creating while also simplifying the cost of getting the job done. DirectFlow for Mac delivers breakthrough performance to all commercial markets serviced by the Apple Mac platform, including Media & Entertainment as well as Life Sciences and Education markets.

Experience the power of DirectFlow for Mac and deliver great content faster than ever.

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